Ready? Get Set… Grow!

What is success without failure? And what is a beautiful life without its ugly things like sadness, broken hearts, and obstacles. All we have to do is, not go through life, but grow through it! So let us do it with a smile on our face, because in the end, everything will be just fine.

Life is a race
On a path we don’t trace
When we’re born
We don’t choose we embrace.

We learn how to walk
How to eat, how to talk
How to write our names
With white chalk.

 There’s always a fear
And there’s a first tear
But also this laugh
That some love to hear.

And as we grow old
Life is as told
“A place for the challengers
To test out the bold”!

 So here we are failing
We’re not even walking
We’re tripping we’re falling
To get right back up!

But we will go on
Because we are strong,
And if we are slow,
Well, there’s nothing wrong.

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