10 Easy Hacks to Read More

I’ve been a slow reader my entire life… yet, I’ve managed throughout the years to hack my way into reading more.

I know it’s hard to find a time for reading… especially when you have to attend classes, go to work, cook a meal, do the laundry, go to the gym, hang out with your friends, watch your favorite series, check Facebook… 24 hours are never enough to do all that. Let alone find the time to read.

However, I’m pretty sure you will be able to make time for reading once you choose the right book for you and try these 10 easy hacks.

1- Follow your heart

Reading shouldn’t be a chore or a task. It should be fun. An escape from reality. Don’t choose books that you have to read, but rather books that you want to read. You love tennis? Choose a book about tennis.

2- Read short/easy books

Instead of starting a 500-page book and never finishing it, read short, easy books. And there are many great options… You can read plays. They’re usually short and quick to read. I highly recommend Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (only 102 pages!). A funny classic that gets even funnier when you watch the stage performance on YouTube.

You can also catch up on some children’s literature like James and the Giant Peach or The Little Prince. Modern poetry anthologies, short story books and graphic novels are easy to read as well.

3- Set a reading challenge

Are you competitive? Do you like to challenge your friends? Then, set a monthly or a yearly reading goal and see who reaches it first.

Pro tip: create an account on Goodreads, to keep track of your friends’ reading.

4- Mix up the genres

We all know that change is good. So, to keep things exciting, mix up the genres. Don’t just read science fiction books. Read historical fiction for example.

5- Vary the languages

Tired of reading already? Try changing the language in which you read. It will actually help.

6- Take a “reading break”

Have you been studying all day long? Do you need a break? Instead of aimlessly scrolling down Instagram, open your book and dive in.

7- Carry a book everywhere you go

Trust me, this hack works perfectly. Put it in your bag and go. Rather than staring at an empty aquarium while waiting for your dentist’s appointment, finish the chapter you’ve started earlier that morning.

8- Pick a soon-to-be-adapted-into-a-movie book

When you pick a book that will soon be adapted into a movie, you will most likely try to finish it before it comes out in order to watch it at the cinema. Well, at least that’s what I do.

9- Change your reading format

Audio books and eBooks were made for all of you tech fans and tree lovers. They definitely take less space in your tiny dorm room and they do save trees.

10- Join a book club

You like to share your reading experience with others? Join a book club, meet new people, and take part in the discussions.

Eventually, whether you read 2 or 20 books a year, always remember to do it for fun.

Let me know which hack is your favorite and don’t hesitate to share some of your own.