The Dark Side of Positivity

In a world where little (or nothing) seems to go right, the philosophy of being positive is gaining more and more popularity. But little did we know that positivity can sometimes backfire when used in the wrong context…

If you scroll down your Instagram feed or read an article on the web, you will definitely stumble upon some rays of positive mottos and headlines: “Only positive vibes”, “Cleanse your mind of bad vibes”, “Turn your head to the bright side”, …

And that’s what you did, you took a yoga mat, prepared your Matcha Tea, and literally turned your head to the bright side- then you took aesthetic pictures because what the point of doing all this cleansing healthy process if it weren’t for people to actually see it?

Fake feelings can be toxic

A clear demonstration of the « Relax and enjoy every moment » mindset

Even after getting some tingly instant happiness, sadness and negativity seem to cling on to you like never before.

There’s nothing wrong about feeling optimistic or positive when it’s genuine. But faking it and suppressing your real feelings and going into denial (so healthy like!) is actually the definition of another kind of positivity: Toxic positivity.

It’s all about the context!

As a translation student, I cannot but highlight the importance of contexts that should be taken into account to avoid such harmful positivity:

  1. Social media is the ultimate cluster of “taken out of context” moments. Thus, the person that you used as a reference might not be happy as they want you to believe. And you are the perfect example.
  2. The context of your life (i.e. your ability to adapt, your feelings, the environment or the circumstances that you live in, the need of a specialist’s help, …)

Always bring your feelings to light, when you look on the bright side of life. I believe that we should not feel guilty about how we feel and put pressure on ourselves for a step that we are not ready for.

Don’t we all get the blues and want nothing but to curl up in bed from time to time?

Commit to Be Fit

“I get bored while working out”.

“I am busy, I do not have time”.

“I hate going to the gym”.

“I can’t stop binging on fast food”.

How many of us have said that in the past week?

Let us face it: people come in different shapes and sizes; some are thin, some are chubby and others are overweight. However, no one is ever satisfied.

Well, guess what? It is never too late to join the fit/healthy club.

Let me tell you why:

I, personally, was a thin lazy person who never thought of hitting the gym. I was not satisfied with my body; however, I never felt the urge to exercise or to cut down on junk food. Months passed by and I realized that I can actually create a new lifestyle that will help me be an active person as well as maintain good health on the long run. So, I gave it a try.

Fortunately, exercising has now become an indispensable daily routine of mine. Other than the benefit of maintain a nice silhouette, it helps me vent out and pushes me to put aside all the life-related stress that weighs on my shoulders. In fact, as soon as I finish my workout and leave the gym, I feel fresh and alive! The feeling is indescribable.

As for eating healthy, it is a mindset that will later turn into a lifestyle. All you have to do is set your mind to it and, voilà! You are ready to go!

Love it. Respect it. Cherish it. And most importantly, never be ashamed of your body, for it is what boosts your confidence and gives you self-satisfaction. It might be hard to commit at first; however, I assure you that it will be a very rewarding journey once you reach the finish line. After all, as they say, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.