Promotion 2024: The multitaskers

ETIB - Master Traducteur-Rédacteur - Promotion 2024

Translators by profession, multitaskers by nature. We’ve learned the true meaning of multitasking by juggling between translating and language learning, singing and authorship.

Here’s a sneak-peak on each one of us.


I always adopt a creative route in carrying-out my day-to-day tasks. It was only natural for me to opt for pursuing my master’s degree in Media Translation at Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ). I aspire to thrive as a copywriter and marketing translator in a marketing/advertising company. Alongside my professional pursuits, I’ve devoted the past two years to mastering Spanish, with the hopes of teaching this language in the future, maybe at USJ… who knows! The future holds endless possibilities, and I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead towards realizing my professional and educational dreams.


Catch me and my band sharing our passion for music across the bars of Beirut. For me, singing is my number one form of expression and this is something I really like to share with my audience on stage. I love art in all its forms and I find myself searching for it in every aspect of my life. I believe that this mind-set helped a lot in my translation career, because every text we translate is a piece of art itself. My journey at ETIB taught me the true meaning of professionalism, discipline and excellence. I am very grateful to have been part of this school as it helped me reach my goals and achieve my strong ambition of becoming a translator.

Fatima TAHA

From being lost between the pages of books to translation and finding myself between the words I write, I plan on making a career in writing and becoming a future author. Aside from this, I aspire to start a career as a copywriter with probably a side job in journalism and publishing. In the future I would like to teach a creative writing course and help people unleash their creativity.

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