Deadlines… Deadlines… Deadlines!

Someone once said “if it weren’t for deadlines, nothing would ever get done”, a sad fact to think about, since it is absolutely true, we cannot help but agree with this wise person.

Nothing is more precious than time. If as a translator, I did not figure that out by now, I would say that I learned nothing from my experiences.

Deadlines are the ultimate catalyst, a source of motivation but also a source of torture. It is the fuel that keeps us going because, let’s face it, everyone has a reputation on the line.

The world is going at such a fast pace, everyone expects that the job gets done as soon as possible with no delays whatsoever. The thing to keep in mind is that the translator is human and not a machine; therefore the work that he does needs time and patience. Being demanding and unreasonable are traits that slow down the work process.

Translators almost always fear the deadline they were given but it is also their source of joy. Nothing beats the rush you get when you submit your work at the right time with pride and certainty that you have done a good job.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, we always hear this recurrent phrase in our lives but, unfortunately, do not abide by it, maybe that is the reason why we make deadlines such a stressful time in our lives.

A right frame of mind is crucial for good and productive work, learning how to manage our time and our responsibilities can make a big difference and have positive outcomes on our careers.

Dedication plays a big part as well, and if you truly love what you do, those countless sleepless nights can be a source of pleasure rather than a burden.

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3 comments on “Deadlines… Deadlines… Deadlines!

  1. They really are DEAD-lines. They take all the life out of us!
    But the result is beautiful.
    For me, deadlines and the stress that comes with them make me productive.

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