“Life is what Happens when you’re Busy Making Other Plans”

Have you ever went through your life from one insignificant event to the next, and eventually found out they were all parts of a much bigger plan and each of them happened for a reason?

Many people do not believe in coincidences. I personally am torn. I do believe there are some wonderful coincidences that shape our lives in ways we may never expect. However, the other half of the time, I believe that everything happens for a reason. And it can seem like a major contradiction but both thoughts are equally as powerful.

I’d even go to the extreme and say that every second might make a major change in our lives.
How many things have happened to us, how many people did we run into or how many bad events were we spared from, just by being late for something or leaving earlier, or doing something, just anything, without knowing this was going to change the course of our lives?

Let me paint you a little picture. One day she was 15, she was posing in front of the Buckingham palace with her friend. Twenty two years later, Meghan Markle married the prince and the palace was no more just a background in a picture; it became home. I am not saying a picture played a part in the course of the events but it is only after everything has happened, that we look back and say « who knew we would go from this to where we are now ».

A woman even happened to see her fiancé in a picture of her family at ten years old, when she went from the UK to Montenegro, and he happened to be in the background, visiting the same beach at the exact same time, while both were from different countries (check out their story here).

Perhaps not « meant to be », but…

It is both funny and strange to think that maybe even changing your plans for lunch can lead to a stranger becoming irreplaceable down the road, to landing a major work opportunity or even escaping a certain misfortune.

It really is amazing to look back on certain things only to realize everything in your life, every delay, every little change you make to your day or even not making any change at all can be life changing. Perhaps it is a butterfly effect that makes every small decision matter and makes us all connected on some level. Whether you believe in this or not, next time you feel things are not going as planned, stop and realize that they might just be falling into place.