“Open” Friendships…

Have you ever worked in an open space office with nine colleagues all majored in different fields? Well, welcome to my world.

My laptop and I tried every single area in this company. However, I ended up sitting in an open space office with nine other colleagues and guess what?  I am the youngest among them.

So, let me tell you something about open space offices.

First, they look like carnivals. Every person starts a conversation with the other; either talking about work, life or weekend plans so imagine the feeling of having nine different voices stuck in your head when, sometimes, you can’t even stand your own voice. In this case, I recommend you to use your earphones because they will save your day for sure.

Second, they are the best to build close funny friendships because this is the only place where you feel most like yourself. I mean you can’t go to work with a different personality everyday so it is just yourself right?

Third, and this is so true trust me, you will become one of the open space squad and your voice will annoy another person. From morning chit chats to afternoon jokes, your everyday motivation to work will be seeing your colleagues and laughing on silly boring jokes.

Shall I continue? No, I think I said enough and I will leave the rest for you to find out.

A tip from me to you: Do not sit in an office alone, unless you are a manager or the CEO himself but always choose your friendly character and be around people. Always do your job perfectly and be a friendly person at the same time. I mean it is the perfect combination and I think everyone can do that.

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