Escape escapism

Immersed in our sad realities, we have turned escapism into a second nature. It might be time to unlearn that and dive into the world headfirst.

Not to be mistaken with coping mechanisms, escapism pushes us to seek distraction from the world around us. It is not sinful to immerse ourselves in a movie or a book, to stray away from the day-to-day worries, but for how long can we live in our own head? 

I looked within myself…

I have to confess; escapism is pretty nice. When overwhelmed, stressed, grieving, and more, I find myself doing my best to ignore the negative feelings. However, I soon realized that reading a book won’t do my assignments for me and watching a movie won’t make the mountain of work I have disappear

…and found a way to deal with it

It is not easy to deal with what you have been putting off, especially when tasks start accumulating. So, there is a need to find ways to address my two main flaws! 

Organization: one of my biggest flaws! Google Calendar changed my life. I now have a very clear display of my upcoming months and everything I have to do so I never miss out on a due date!

Timing and focus: Thanks to the “Get Focused” application, I can, from now on, time myself using the Pomodoro Technique. Therefore, I get less distracted and spend a reasonable amount of time on a task rather than a whole day!

An alternative to the application could be the Pomofocus website  that offers the same experience. The only downside to the website compared to the application is that it cannot be used without an internet connection.

However, procrastination is still one of the flaws I cannot control. If you managed to break free from it, please, let me know how!

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  1. Very well written! I absolutely love and agree with all the tips mentioned, especially the Pomofocus hack!! Since I have a short attention span, having a 25:5 minute ratio of work/break makes it way easier and actually boosts my productivity.

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