To Be or Not to Be …an Employed Student

Focus on your studies, but gain hands-on experience. Find a decent job, but also find time for it in your packed schedule. Be a full-time student and a full-time employee!” At least, that’s how it felt for me… as if students needed something else to worry about! This is where student jobs come in. They are the light at the end of a tunnel, to some extent. 

Students must multitask in an unachievable way: Focus on your studies, but gain hands-on experience. Find a decent job, but also find time for it in your packed schedule. Be a full time student and a full time employee! 
What students are expected to do best: multitasking

After completing a fulfilling five-year journey at ETIB, I proudly graduated with a diploma in translation and writing. Additionally, my time at USJ provided me with two invaluable experiences through student jobs. I worked with the Career and Placement Office (SIP) by posting job offers and correcting students’ CVs. I also worked within the translation department as a content creator for the social media accounts of the School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut (ETIB). The reason I bored you with details of my personal experience was to illustrate the benefits of student jobs, supported by others’ testimonies.

To gain experience

First and foremost, the experience and skills you gain. No matter the field of the student job, there is always something gained. Working with SIP didn’t really click for me at first… and look at me now! I am working as a freelancer in CV correction! I also gained experience in content creation for ETIB, sharpening my copywriting skills. This was really great for me as this is the field I aspire to specialize in someday.

“Working in the Student Information and Orientation Office (SIO) at USJ helped me immensely with learning how to manage my time and how to handle spontaneous projects.”

– Maya, a Translation student.

To set your priorities

As a full-time student, your priority will always be your education. Some, if not most, employers don’t really like that. They want you to be available wherever, whenever… “just ditch your class” is their only solution to schedule conflicts. Student jobs, however, are tailored for students. Your working schedule depends on your university schedule. You have exams? No worries, just take the week off! 

“Having a student job allowed me to be able to get hands on experience, all while prioritizing my education”

– Nour, a Graphic Design student.

To earn money

Every dollar earned from student jobs—whether for tuition, rent, or daily expenses—contributes to financial stability. With a pay per hour worked, students receive fair compensation. Clocking in enough hours can even surpass minimum wage salaries, providing a solid financial foundation. This fosters a sense of responsibility and self-reliance in students.

“As mere as my student job salary was, I considered it as my pocket-money. It was incredibly helpful financially.”

– Anonymous student.

To build bridges

Student jobs offer far more than just financial support; they also provide valuable networking opportunities. Every connection serves as a bridge to future career opportunities. By nurturing these connections, students set the base for future success, opening doors and moving forward in their careers.

“My student job required assisting a member of the Lebanese parliament with everything related to research. This opportunity helped me create a network within my field of international affairs.”

– Saden, an International Affairs student.

We all have to start somewhere, and student jobs are the right place for that. Student jobs are your foundation, they shape your character, and forge you for future success. What you gain from these jobs echoes long after graduating. On to you now, do you have a student job experience that has left a lasting impact on you?

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had quite the journey balancing studies and work! Your insights on the benefits of student jobs are valuable. Personally, I didn’t have the opportunity for a student job during my time at university, as they weren’t provided by the institution. Nonetheless, your article sheds light on the positive impact these experiences can have on students’ lives.

  2. I didn’t have the experience of working a student job but I can really tell how it could help students throughout their education journey… in more ways than one!

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